History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

 The LUCAS FAMILY has been serving families in North Texas for over 150 years and is proud to join with the rich tradition and compassionate care provided by the WILLIAMS FAMILY in service for over 75 years.  Making Williams & Lucas your choice for your families Memorial needs means you will receive generations of expertise, trust and care. Choosing our family operated funeral and cremation service also provides you the experience of telling your loved ones life story in a meaningful, dignified-humorous, celebratory manner. We love people and we strive to honor each life lived and include the surviving family in a healing ritual.

Family is a beautiful quilt in which the swatches are fabrics of our lives. The combined experiences of each generation are the colors of each piece. The designs reflect the character of each family member. Individual as they are, they are blessed with the same traits from the family ancestors.

Sewn together with a powerful thread of the ancestral spirits, the quilt is unique and never ending in completion.The loss of those in each generation piece never mars its beauty.

The final tributes from those who are still designing fill the spaces with the color of love.

For over 75 years, families have honored WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME with their trust and faith to help them make those colors dignified and memorable. Succeeding generations of immediate and extended families still remember from their childhood or youth, the service we gave their family.

They fondly speak of how it made a lifelong impression upon them. The sincerity and the compassion, we give is not a slogan, nor a motto. It is our mission that you receive the same understanding, which we ourselves, wish to be comforted in our time of need. Humbled with your trust we realize that in serving you, we become part of your family quilt.

Our Valued Staff

  • Matthew Mullone

    Matthew Mullone Funeral Director and Embalmer

  • Anna Millone

    Anna Millone Administrator and Williams Family Member

  • Kelton Gardner Sr

    Kelton Gardner Sr Administrative Assistant

  • Tann Gardner

    Tann Gardner Administrative Assistant

  • Keith Gardner

    Keith Gardner Grief Counselor

  • Mark Lucas Kelly

    Mark Lucas Kelly Public Relations Dir and Celebrant Services

  • Roman Martinez

    Roman Martinez Director

  • Lofty Harper

    Lofty Harper Director

  • Debbie Denton

    Debbie Denton